POF : I think POF is completely broken.

POF : I think POF is completely broken.

It only displays the loading icon for everything. Does anyone else notice this?

By. HeyItsMondo

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  1. Nothing will load for me either, their servers must’ve crashed or something. Kinda sucks, I just started going back and forth with someone this morning

  2. Probably has to do with the absolute SH*TSTORM of fake profiles scammers have been tossing up lately. Seriously, i go to the « meet me » thing, and its just bot, after bot, after bot, all super porny pictures, all with gibberish names and nonsense profiles. Seriously, I counted, and this morning I went through 19 obvious fakes in a row before I got a « real » profile, followed by maybe 15 more. They’re on some sort of offensive, I think.

  3. Its got a banning system-an automatic banning system, based on how many people have blocked you, and reporting someone gets them a ban, I would not be surprised if they automated that too.


    Its very broken.

  4. Oh I got conversation, as matter of fact I got one today.

    She’s half a mile away two years younger than me. I’ve seen her profile up for several months I don’t use POF that much unless it’s someone I’d like to communicate with.

    Right now I’ve gotta get past the 4’s, guess which one I’m at?

    4 messages – ding ding

    4 hours

    4 days

    I am now getting one word replies with questions about the small amount of info in her profile. She likes to fish, cool, I’ll message about gear or locations….still getting one word replies.

    POF users haven’t changed since last time I used it in 2015.

    I’ve been using other mobile apps with a lot better success, but to each their own I guess.

    Stay thirsty and forever single POF users!

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