POF : I want a POF account, but I don’t want to give them my #

POF : I want a POF account, but I don’t want to give them my #

I tried using my google voice #, but they’re like, Nah! »

I tried using my husband’s number, but he won’t let me. I put it in anyway, and asked him nicely for the code, but he said no. I offered him $5. He laughed in my face and deleted the code. Then things got contentious!

I sent it again, and offered him $10. He refused and countered with $300. I tried to take his phone and run away, and we battled for it from the living room to the bathroom where I threatened to spray him with the Tide boost- but he wrested it from my smaller womanhands, and the dogs got all upset. I raised my offer repeatedly- got up to $30. He came down to me buying him a $62 shirt…

I told my dog to bite him, but she didn’t. She never does.

I’m NOT paying $62 to go on POF.

What shall I do?

By. iwontkickyou

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