POF : If you come to this subreddit expecting some kind of explanation for why women don’t respond, its because they don’t find you attractive!

POF : If you come to this subreddit expecting some kind of explanation for why women don’t respond, its because they don’t find you attractive!

And all the asking, talking, trying and reasoning in the world will not change that, they will never give a fuck.

They don’t just look at pictures, they do read mails, they just don’t care much, want to find that out for yourself?, go on and insult one, they’ll respond then.

By. Serveradman

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  1. Um I am a woman and that is not entirely true. When I get a message from a guy on POF I always check out their profile first and read through it, to see what we may have in common, and also to find out what they are looking for on the site. If they do not have anything on their profile at all, as in its not filled out, and they have been on for a month or more then I normally will not respond because I like when they at least have some things about themselves on the profile. If the profile states they are not looking for commitment or relationships then I don’t respond because I am looking for a relationship. Not looking to jump into one but looking to get to know someone well enough to where it turns into a relationship and something we can build on. Now I don’t go into every message and conversation thinking it is going to turn into a relationship, but I like to know we had least have some things in common and are some what on the same page. If their profile doesn’t have pictures of them then I won’t respond because I actually like to see who it is that messaged me. I prefer recent photos, and I am strict about that, because I had a guy message me once and when I got all the way to the date he looked nothing like his photos. If I look at their profile and they just have stuff that says I will fill this out later or just ask me, that shows they really didn’t put any effort into the profile and to me it kinda states I don’t give a crap. Also lastly the reason I may not respond is if the person is not living close to me, as in they are just in town for a couple of days. So if I look at the profile and do not see anything in common with this person, or they are simple just looking for things that I am not looking for then I won’t respond, but sometimes you can’t always know a person fully by reading their profile so sometimes I will respond and see what kind of conversation we have. I do read the messages they send but if I don’t see anything that strikes my eye then I don’t respond.

    Me not responding as nothing to do with attractiveness. Let’s say (this has never happened) a hot male model messaged me, and I looked at their profile then read their message. If I found nothing in common I would not message them back. So nothing to do with looks.

    So it sounds like this has happened to you and if it has, just because it did doesn’t mean that is always why women don’t respond.

    Also telling someone to message an insult to a girl is only most likely going to get them blocked or worse banned from POF! I know if I got an insult I would not respond, then block them. then report it.

  2. I disagree. Girls will message only if they like what they see in the photos AND if the written profile and message is, at the very least, normal.

  3. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter whether you show integrity or whether you’re good looking. Women won’t like you nor will they answer back regardless. I’m beginning to wonder if these profiles are actually fake and not just the porn bots.

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