POF : I’m done. Involuntarily.

POF : I’m done. Involuntarily.

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but lately (lately being the last eight years) I’ve been feeling like dirt. Maybe r/depression is where I should post this but the TLDR version of this story is: I’m overweight for 28, I’m unemployed, I don’t drive, I live on disability and I don’t own my own home; therefore I am dirt to these women.

I remember when I was 130 lbs, I had women smile at me from a mile away, I could see them smile as I rode my bike past them. Now, I walk around like a big. Pile. Of. Dirt. And so plenty of fish isn’t working, tinder isn’t working and neither is wooplus. Oh, and don’t forget bumble.

TLDR: fat, poor, unemployed, no car = no dates for the past 13 years.

Edit: maybe they need a dating app for the absolutely hopeless Neets like myself.

Edit 2: “NeetMeet” should be the name.

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  1. It’s not you. I’m everything you claim should be successful. I am 5’8″ and 150 lbs. I have travelled the world and met celebrities.

    My social media pages are the diaries of a rock star, however when it comes to women, if you’re not making a personal connection with them, it doesn’t compute with them and you are auto directed into a bin to eventually be ghosted as just another « rando. »

    If you can get past the first gauntlet of women being on dating sites for serious reasons and not just laughs and ego boosts, you will cross the moat and meet the next hurdle of « Saying something more than just ‘hey’ to impress them » or « complimenting them on something other than looks. »

    Are you taller than six feet? I’ve joked about being 5’11 » even though I’m only 5’9″ to a girl who only wanted men six feet plus. SHE STILL REJECTED ME. Ahahaha!

    Remember women are on dating sites for a reason. They get enough attention in real life, if they’re perpetually on Tinder ask yourself why that might be, instead of feeling like crap when they ignore you. They think they are hot you-know-what and have a ridiculous list of demands, and then at the end of the day they remain with nothing after they burn through another date with an inauthentic guy who followed her own toxic advice and put on an elaborate song and dance on social media just to prove himself worthy of her attention, that fizzled it when it came to actually interacting.

    I don’t intend to sound bitter, just my repeated experiences. It’s not you. Even if you had it all in life, women have enough options where you still wouldnt stand out to them unless you made a personal connection.

    So look up the bookstore scene from ’40 year old virgin’ and check out some of Corey Waynes advice videos on Youtube. Let it suck you in to making yourself a better man. Speaking from experience. It worked for me!

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