POF : I’m not looking for love… That’s in God’s hands

POF : I’m not looking for love… That’s in God’s hands

I’m not looking for love… That’s in God’s hands

By. rowedkill

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  1. I have gotten messages from guys like that too. I will tell them I appreciate the message (I always look at their profile before I read their message) but it looks like we both are on two different pages as far as what we are looking for on here. I then tell them that I wish them the best of luck though. I find it funny when they try to BS me after I say that too. They try to basically woo me and try to get me interested. I am like nah im all set.

    Funny thing is I always hear that people who pay for the dating sites are more serious than the one’s who don’t and I don’t buy that for a second. I have done both the Paid (Match, EHarmony, Zoosk,) and unpaid (POF, OKC) and have had more luck on POF with finding real relationships no hookups than the rest. I also see a lot of people who use POF on Match as well as POF. I have found more serious on POF than Match. FYI EHarmony is a bogus scam all around

  2. If a man lists « Friends first » in his bio or « Dating but nothing serious » under « Intent », it’s his prerogative. As a woman who is not going to waste my time on a man who doesn’t want a potential relationship, I’m not going to find that man a match.

    Each time I respond telling him why I’m not interested, I get some version of he’s looking for a soulmate but wants to be friends first. That is so illogical. Or… I might get that the profile is incorrect. That tells me that he is either not being 100% with me or on his profile. Either way, I don’t have the interest in finding out.

  3. I’ve been running into the “friends first” line and “let’s see what happens” a lot lately, even when the guys have “looking for a relationship” listed on their profile. :/

  4. It drives me nuts when guys try to play the friends first and get pissy when I tell them I’m not looking for friends and I don’t date my friends.

    Same with kids. A lot of guys try to change their tune when I tell them not interested.

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