POF : Instead should be named Plenty of Scams

POF : Instead should be named Plenty of Scams

Instead should be named Plenty of Scams

By. 2DD4eva

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  1. Plenty of fakes needs to realize that only new users pay for their service because the rest of us know it’s full of scammers and fake profiles and it’s probably more likely that the scammers will get the new users before POF does

  2. You have to look at it from a business perspective…

    Every time a successful match occurs, they lose two customers.

    It’s meant to scam you out of your money by making you think you can basically build a girl/boyfriend through your preferences and that person actually exists in this world.

    IMO, some of the most successful relationships are between people that start out not having very much in common. You get to learn new things you didn’t know about before and go on adventures.

  3. lol it is so fake its full of women showing their bodies off for money and just sitting there, doing nothing to make money to get ugly simps to tip them and make a living. its a only fans or should i call if plenty of onlyfans now.

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