POF : Is 33 getting too old to date?

POF : Is 33 getting too old to date?

I have never had a date or a girlfriend, and I’m getting on in years, it seems it’s too late for me to date.

By. Jedite1000

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  1. Assuming you’re past the initial meet & greet stage and planning a real date… Here’s some suggestions:
    Paint Nite, CeramiCafe, comedy club, Cirque du Soleil, Escape Room, plays or ballet, like the nutcracker, holiday concert like TSO,… the list is endless… think outside the box.. forget « dinner and a movie »… Do unique things that create memories. Women love unique dates especially if you’re creating something she can take home.

    If a meal is part of your date stay away from chain restaurants, pick a one of a kind place.. food & atmosphere is almost always better.

  2. Good lord, no. Starting to date now might be tough, but you can have some amazing dates around this time of your life.

    I mean, I’ve been dating pretty regularly since late in high school, but at 35, I’m still going and having a good time.

  3. I am literally twice your age and dating. After losing my partner of almost forty years, I started dating again. It was so awkward.

    Regarding your comment, « I don’t know what people do on dates in this day of age », I look at initial dates as meals, movies, music museums. Spent four hours in a coffee shop a few weeks ago listening to the music. Trying to work out going to a local haunted house this week.

  4. I dunno, I guess I’m scared, I don’t want to live until I’m 60 with no relationships, seeing couples enjoying life being together, I guess I’m little jealous, that’s what I want to have. I want to eventually have a family of my own, at least leave something behind when I die

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