POF : Is it possible to be blocked from viewing someone in search?

POF : Is it possible to be blocked from viewing someone in search?

Someone I used to talk to doesn’t show up for me anymore. I used POF for about two years. Then last year I took a hiatus. I was talking to a girl for a while, but it was leading nowhere and eventually I stopped responding. Dick move, I get it.

I forgot my password and ended up making a new account. I don’t remember her username, but she was from the same area where my dad lives. So I used the zip code and nothing showed up, but when I signed out she showed up.

Why would this happen? Did she block me? It’s a new account.

By. plshelpmemydudes

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  1. I don’t think you can block someone if you haven’t had any communication with them. If she shows up when you’re logged out but not in search, it could be that she’s not really active anymore, but pof is still showing her profile now and then to make it look like they have more members. Kinda shady, but I’ve heard people say their pix are still being used by pof after they’ve hidden or deleted their accounts.

  2. If you can’t see her when you log into your account, but yet she is visable when you are logged out that means her profile is hidden. I only know that because I was dating a guy off POF who was great, but I found out while we were together he was still on the sites talking to other women. My friend someone who did not know him was on the site and got a like from them. I confronted him about it and he denied it. Then after that happend, she tried looking up his profile but couldn’t find it. I however did not have a profile anymore and found it just by doing a username search, when you can do if you are either logged out or are not longer a member. So when we looked it up we found out profiles that are hidden can only be seen and found when someone is either not a member or they are logged out.

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