POF : Is it possible to fake a nearby profile?

POF : Is it possible to fake a nearby profile?

Ok so I live on an island that’s pretty big but only has two town’s with each obviously less than 2k people, and the location services is spotty at best and the distance changes greatly based upon where your connection is. I’ve had a match and someone I’ve contacted just fall off the face of POF but not without wasting my time with me trying to get a timestamp as a secondary verification (I made the mistake of giving my number, I’ll never let myself live that one down) so since my town’s population is less than 2k I can ask around to see if who I am talking to is in town without actually meeting her and so far there is no such person I’ve matched based on nearby. Is this possible?

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  1. I’m having difficulty understanding anything that you wrote. Your rational thinking seems really off. Do you have health issues? Do you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day or do drugs?

    Anyway, I think that I can answer your question. A person simply needs to change their zip code on Edit Profile to change their location. So if I am in Columbus, OH, I might use the zip code 43202. But if I want to change my location to Boise, ID, I might change my zip code to 83725. Once I do that, all the Boise locals will see my profile. And if I see who is Online, I will see only Boise people not Columbus, OH people.

    I have seen people (and bots) fake their locations by using zip codes that aren’t theirs. Some are just completely fake people. Others are only fishing in other ponds because they want to see what is out there, and maybe they are planning on moving to those places one day.

    Anyway, you don’t need to ask your local population if they know someone that you talked to on a dating site. That seems pretty dumb. If the person you are talking to online meets up with you, great. If they don’t and they quit talking to you, then move on and forget about them. I’m not sure what you are asking here.

    Best of luck, I guess.

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