POF : Is it safe to assume he’s not interested if he takes a week to respond on POF?

POF : Is it safe to assume he’s not interested if he takes a week to respond on POF?

I messaged a guy off POF that I was attracted to. He sounds genuinely nice but takes a really long time to respond to messages. Last one took about a week and I just assumed he ghosted. I mentioned how it’ll be great to get to meet him someday, and he replied he’ll like to meet me too. The delays take forever to move forward and I’m considering just asking for his number, but don’t know if he’s just too nice to reject me.
Friends mentioned he wouldn’t respond at all if he wasn’t interested. Am I just overthinking this? Does it really take a week to respond?

By. Katekit

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  1. Personally I get people get busy. I have had guys take a week to respond. I had used POF long enough to know though that most guys who took a week or more to respond to a message were either not really interested, were married or cheating and secretly on it, or they were seeing someone, who would be interested one minute and then not interested. If I were you I would move on and if he is interested then he will start responding more frequently.

  2. Nice guy or not if they’re that busy in real life how can they find the time for dating? Maybe it was a once off and you can keep messaging to see if that’s the case but if they’re routinely taking a week to respond they’re just not that interested in you or probably just keeping you as a backup.

  3. Cut him off he’s playing the field and he’s not making you a priority. Guys who are interested in me message me either right away or through the day multiple times. Effort gives effort. I’d say find someone else. Good luck.

  4. Eh. I have a couple of dating apps. They’re hidden on my phone with alerts turned off. I’m single, but use my phone at work and don’t need to get a Tinder message when I’m helping a customer or showing a friend something.

    It might take me a few days to respond to a first or second message, especially if I get busy with work and just come home to sleep. But if it looks like someone I’m interested in is replying to messages, you can almost guarantee I’m going to check it multiple times a day.

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