POF : is my matches search messed up distance problem?

POF : is my matches search messed up distance problem?

so i go to my search and i search for people only 10 miles away just to test it out. The problem is its showing me people from way far away way more than 10 miles away is it messed up or something? everytime i try to search for people only certain distance away gives me people who are way further than that even if i put 20 or 50 miles away. ugh

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. No it is expanding your search. It automatically does that from time to time. It actually prefers if you search people at least 25 miles out even though it has the 5 miles and 10 miles option.


    FYI if you have the app it actually tells you that it automatically expanded your search at the bottom when you search.


    It also expands your age range if you set one too close

  2. Whatever I set my search at, it adds 20-50 miles. And I search wide because I’m rural. So I set it at 100 miles, it shows me 120 miles. I usually just lower my radius below what I’m willing to actually deal with.

  3. If you saw how few people were really active in your area, you’d probably not use the site. I live in a city of 6 million and it still has to add 25+ miles to show some recently active users.

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