POF : Is POF mostly filled with undesirable, obese women?

POF : Is POF mostly filled with undesirable, obese women?

I dont see a viable woman online on that site.

By. polakfury

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  1. I find that people’s personalities greatly affect how attractive I find someone. I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone’s “viability” purely based on looks. Then again, if someone ignored me on a dating app purely because of the way I looked then I’d be grateful because that isn’t the kind of person I’d want to date anyway.

  2. Plus men who do not have cars and borderline homeless.

    One guy messaged me on POF stating he was currently in prison and if I’m OK with that then let’s chat. I wasn’t ok with it. His profile picture was of him in prison. So there’s that. I don’t think he’s the only one.

  3. Wow… what a pompous jerk you are. Just because a “fat”chick isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean that they’re desperate. If you’re such a hot piece why haven’t you found someone yet? It’s hard to determine what men consider “thick and fat.” Me personally I go to the gym every day. I put on forty pounds because of a medical issue. I’ll never be a size 6 and I’m ok with it. There’s a reason guys like you are still single. Maybe have take a look at yourself outside the box and you may learn something . I get messages from men all the time.. Maybe they’re the desperate ones considering how often they change their profiles .

  4. POF aka plenty of fatties.
    For every 1 attractive girl, there are 50 women who are obese, unattractive, have kids, no job, live with their parents, but won’t date a man who isn’t 6′ tall, 6 figure income, and 9″ penis…

    I’ve met a lot of girls online, and yes most are not worth your time. As well, I’m sure many of the men these girls meet are no different.

    My favorite is the girls who have nothing going for them at all being stuck up lol.

    1 in about every 20 or so girls you meet on there will be worth actually having as a friend or lover. If that.

    Then for contrast, I’m sure for every decent guy there are 50 « r/nice guys » or straight up creeps.

    It is what it is, play it like a numbers game if you don’t want to be frustrated.

  5. I’m getting to that point myself. I’m more than a piece of ass… I know that’s just sounds ridiculous but at the same time maybe I just chose the wrong guys. Because every time I choose a guy starts out great and he turns out to be a douche bag. I just ended a dating relationship today because he would always talk a good game but when it came to actually getting together and doing stuff he would leave me hanging. I told just stop wasting my time. It’s really simple. It just blows my mind that you know people can’t be honest. Just be honest if you want to hook up just say it’s a hook up don’t say you want to relationship. I know women on there are just as bad LOL

  6. Yes, because desirable women have no reason to resort to online dating. They have more opportunity than they even want in real life. And the uggos still get an automatic +2 or +3 online, so if they are 4/10 in the real world, they are a 6 or 7/10 online because guys will still hit on them. It’s the power of the pussy.

  7. I get that. So you should understand what “fat “ men or women go through. Whether you want to admit or not genetics do come into play when it comes to height , body mass ect. There are medical conditions that cause you to put on weight thyroid, PCOS, even diabetes . When I made a profile on POF, maybe I took it a lot more seriously than people do. I put exactly what I was looking for as far as height weight, race, alcohol, drinking, smoking, drugs all that stuff. That’s still hasn’t saved me from douche bags…. I had a guy request full body pictures. I took full body pictures I was heavier then. I lost weight and I sent him pictures again and I was too thin so It’s a crap show. I mean I get the height thing I do, I’m guilty of it myself I prefer guys to be at least the same height as me.

    Since there are so many different perceptions of what is thin, thick, or fat, I make it a point to be honest and say look I am not sure what you’re looking for but I’ll send you full body pics and if you’re not interested just say I’ll pass or it’s it’s no thanks and call it a day. There’s no need to be rude or disrespectful to somebody. And because I do that it doesn’t mean that I’m ashamed or embarrassed about the way I look, it’s just unfortunately there so many different ways that men look at women. I’m a work in progress and at least I’m making an effort to better myself.

  8. the ones that are hot constantly get cat called and banged on by men who are sure of themselves and are alpha enough to do so. They, if single, are not single for too long. The fat ones that have 9 cats get desperate and resort to using an Online dating site to help themselves land a beta that does not want to be with them in the first place.


    If you want the ability to be more desirable by other females, go to the gym, power lift, eat a ketogenic diet, become alpha r/alpha and work on your social skills, do school get a degree that lands you a job or start a business.


    You shouldn’t be on POF , ok cupid or whatever god awful sites are there. Tinder is just as bad.

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