POF : is POF randomnly dropping messages on you?

POF : is POF randomnly dropping messages on you?

I’ve sent a few reply messages to which I got « message sent ». Then, when I look at the inbox, it shows as not replied to and in fact there isn’t anything in my outbox either.

This started about 3 weeks ago and has happened quite a bit since. Nothing w kinky content whatsover justifying filtering and this is with people I had already been exchanging messages with. Try enough times and one of them makes it through, maybe.

This happened on the web and the iOS app.

Just bad programming on their end? Anyone had that happen lately?

By. lilgoodlupine

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  1. You’ve been blocked. That’s what it is.

    Yep, rather than ignore you or just not reply they’ve blocked you. When someone blocks you, all messages exchanged get deleted which is why they vanish from your sent messages.

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