POF : Is she retarded?

POF : Is she retarded?

Is she retarded?

By. Serveradman

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  1. Let me get this straight…she made an observation with no subtext, you responded neutrally, then followed up with a totally douchey response. So she says no thanks, you acknowledge that, albeit in a dicky way, she attempts to disengage politely, you blast her for no damn reason, she remains calm and polite. And SHE’S retarded.


    Anytime you guys want to know why you get ignored when we aren’t interested instead of sending a polite no, this shit right here is why.

  2. Look at it from her point of view. It would be really weird if you just created a profile and someone sent you a message especially if you are new to OLD.

    I don’t believe she’s rejecting you per se I believe it’s the situation.

  3. Sounds like a post for /r/niceguys

    She rejects you, and you fire back being an ass. She’s not retarded, but your skills lack some, well, skills.

  4. Way to project you insecurities on the innocent. Bro, you can assume she not interested but don’t say it, that depreciates the whole interaction. The whole thing is a huge turn-off. Just because your frustrated with the site, doesn’t mean you should be attacking these women. She took the high road saying No Thanks. You took a hard angle and fell on your face, own up and grow up.

  5. This is the quality of women’s attitudes, I guess talking down to someone and acting like a teenager is normal now, this idiot was 42 years old.

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