POF : Is that the trick? Ignore them?

POF : Is that the trick? Ignore them?

Merry Christmas, first of all!

So I met two women from POF some months ago. We exchanged messages, phone numbers later on, and we began to talk about meeting in person. We weren’t lucky: work, family and such didn’t let us find a suitable date. And so, after the umpteenth postponement I gave up; I stopped messaging them and I went on with my life.

Well, these two women have recently messaged me about meeting. One of them even gave me her Facebook. And so I wonder, is this what usually happens? You have to ignore her so she will ask you to keep in touch? And does she do that out of genuine interest or because she simply wants attention?

By. Soupnaut

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  1. They want attention but not to the point of meeting, I genuinely believe now that majority of women like the idea of meeting a new guy until it comes to actually meeting « someone from the internet » and they give way to an absurd fear of a guy online being a serial killer looking for victims.

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