POF : Is there an uptick of racist white girls?

POF : Is there an uptick of racist white girls?

Excerpt from a profile

« I’m a very out outgoing and flirtatious person who enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. I am currently working as a civil servant . I enjoy nights in watching films with a bottle of wine and cuddles are a must. I also enjoy nights out with friends and girly holidays. If you like what you see. Feel free to send me a message. No weird chat up lines and no one under 5ft 10 as im tall for a girl and don’t want anyone smaller than me



How is this a thing lol?


Imagine the outrage a person would suffer if they said « no black men », I haven’t seen that, I have to ask, what the hell?, what’s unattractive about skin color?

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  1. There are women that say « no black men ». It varies on where you’re searching though. I don’t use POF anymore, I only use tinder and bumble. I do see more women where I am say « no white guys ». I also see women say they prefer white guys. I’m a black guy and I really don’t give a shit anymore. Everyone isn’t going to like me for whatever reason, but some will. Let me ask you this, would you be upset if a black woman said « no white men »?

  2. She sounds ignorant. I mean, she even cares about height.

    She’s not very polite. She could have preferences and look at profiles of the ppl who msg her but instead she blast it.

  3. I’ve seen plenty of « I only date within my race. »

    I’ve also seen a few white girls saying they are only interested in black guys.

    And I saw one who said she was « looking for [her] first black experience » and that « you’d better be packing some serious meat down there. »

    Really wish I’d thought to screenshot that one…

  4. I’ve seen it all ways; « no black men », « only black men » , no white men », « no hispanic men », « only white men »….

    Even if i happen to fit the particular haplo preference, seeing this in a profile is a deal breaker for me.

    You got to read between the lines a bit and get that %90 of the time its likely not a case of them being some type of super racist but rather, they bought into belief in some type of shallow stereotype, and, they are more speaking about a perceived quality they are avoiding or wanting.

    For instance: a « big and tall, few extra pounds » are buying into the cliche of black guys being into big asses, and, they feel like they are the only ones who would have a genuine physical attraction rather than as they see the white ones as merely settling on a fat chick. Conversely: they could see the black guys as « playas » who are not capable of being truly faithful at heart. I could list more stereotypical low brow perceptions, but…. i’ve conveyed the idea.

    Even though it does not automatically mean they are super racist, its a meat headed and shallow way of expressing desires, and, it gives a flag of the personality you are dealing with.


  5. It’s not about skin colour.

    It’s about how well endowed the average afro-caribbean man is Vs a Caucasian man.

    These are ignorant size queens, ignore them.

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