POF : Is there some definitive list of banned words on POF?

POF : Is there some definitive list of banned words on POF?

I sent a really long message earlier and, as happens semi-regularly, it didn’t send. I backpaged and the message was still in the textbox so I went through it pretty thoroughly and for the life of me I can’t figure out what particular word the hyper-sensitive algorithms found questionable. It seems pretty ridiculous to me. The message was as clean as a fresh sheet of paper and yet PoF’s censor bots picked something « offensive » out of it.

By. TheGreatestKhali

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  1. They don’t tell you.


    If you want to work it out, look at your message and pick out anything that could be remotely called something offensive even if its really stupid to do that, even words that are part of other words.


    All the obvious words used in descriptions of sexual activity are banned from being sent, along with the words bed and dick, you can’t say cocktail because cock is in it and I assume the word cockroach is out too.


    And once you establish two way communication nothing is banned.

  2. I just found out you can say « friends with benefits » but you can’t say fwb. I agree that is ridiculous. I haven’t been able to find anything like a list of banned terms.

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