POF : Is this website/app still a dumpster fire?

POF : Is this website/app still a dumpster fire?

Bots and BS still running rampant?

By. Vergil25

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  1. Don’t forget the snap, IG and onlyfans whores just trying to up their numbers.
    Oh and now there’s live! Date with a webcam. Or just stream… Ooh. Popular streamers make money! A real incentive to go out on dates and *find your one true love*. Oh, but no nudity.
    Plenty of fish is a cam site trying to be a dating site at this point. It’s plagued by bots and whores. Any real people actually looking to meet someone for any reason that doesn’t include profit or numbers, are in a minority of another minority. And they’re just gonna get lost in the sea of shit that are the other profiles on the site.
    And let’s be honest nobody worth your time is gonna be there. The women POF caters to, I reiterate, ain’t there for dates. And the men that are there for that are gonna ruin the party for everyone else by chasing away any women that *are* there looking for a date.
    POF’s model has changed. Not sure that was their intention. But that sure as hell is the result of the changes they made.
    There’s always been bots and maybe the occasional whore trying to drum up some business on POF. And that was the thing selling POF. Anybody could be there, it had a lot of people with the occasional bot here and there. You’d wade through *some* shit, find an actual person looking to date, message back and forth a bit, and maybe go on a date or hookup or whatever.
    Now POF makes Trash Island look like prime real-estate by comparison. Now anybody could just be a bot trying to take your money, an internet whore just trying to up their subscriber count, or just some ghost account that hasn’t been active in a while because they got tired of playing the game there.
    Plenty of better options. *Porn* is a better option.

  2. No problems here in the UK, but I don’t live in a terribly interesting city. I suggest trying Bumble and Hinge since I’ve not seen any bots get through the verification yet.

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