POF : It is mathematically impossible for so many women to have been on the site for YEARS and still be on it, never finding someone, understandable for a guy, but for a woman, who generally get many messages per DAY, unbelievable!

POF : It is mathematically impossible for so many women to have been on the site for YEARS and still be on it, never finding someone, understandable for a guy, but for a woman, who generally get many messages per DAY, unbelievable!

There has to be something fundamentally wrong with these gals, who honestly have all of the choice, what exactly are they looking for!, a unicorn?


By. Peoplesucksomuch1

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  1. I was on it for a wicked long time almost 10yrs before I found a great guy. Sometimes we women can be picky. I got so many sexual messages that really turned me off. I never responded to those. Sometimes I got messages from guys who seemed great but the second I didn’t respond right away I would get a nasty message being called a nasty vulgar name. Sometimes I sent lots of messages and got no replies. I finally met a wonderful guy and I am happy about that. Dating is hard and you can’t always assume something is wrong with women who have been on the stuff for a long time. I was off and on POF before I found the one.

  2. Female here. I only used PoF for less than a month. Almost a year later, I’m still with a guy who I met my first weekend on the app. He was using apps for years. I think he’s perfect. I didn’t have to settle and ditch my dealbreakers. He’s a huge nerd. Into anime and video games. So am I. I think he’s sexy as hell, but I know he’s not a 10 to most. But he’s my 10. He’s balding and has bad fashion taste. But he’s sweet, caring, and has his shit together. I think most women are looking for that perfect Chad 10, and that’s just not going to happen.

  3. This thread comes across as such a « hate mob » of men against women and it doesn’t look, nor sound good…. BUT (!) There’s actually some truth behind what’s being said here.

    It’s definitely a conundrum how a pretty woman can be constantly online till all hours of the night, years on end and not find anyone (if they do it’s a 6 month stint max then back to POF) but the one what really gets me is the ones what some might call « average » looking (sorry for objectifying) that blow people off left and right and whine that there’s no good guys left.. Just feels like literally everyone wants a celebrity on their arm and their social media feeds or access to a butt load of cash, drugs or nice body. It’s pretty shallow.

    People are super entitled nowadays on both sides of the fence for some reason and I’m not sure where it’s all stemmed from.

  4. I’m one such woman, who hasn’t met the right person yet, so I’ll speak on my experience.

    I’m definitely not looking for a unicorn. I don’t care about height, am cool with ultra thin to dad bod and any in between, I don’t care how much money they make as long as they work full time and are self supporting, I’m attracted to men who aren’t conventionally attractive.

    I’m a reasonably good catch. I’m a parent, and an average size 12 woman, am educated, have a career, completely independent, own my home, am calm and rational, have never cheated, responsible.

    I don’t live in an extremely populated area, so the pool isnt as large as if it were a large metro area, so the geographical area im open to is a couple hours in any direction. However, I’m from a large metro area and I had waaaaay more attention, but mostly it was bad attention.

    When I get many messages, a large portion are automatically excluded from interest. Here are some examples:
    « Sup? »
    « Dtf? »
    « You have nice lips, I want to cum on your teeth »
    « Do you have a big butt? » (I get asked this a LOT)
    « Do you party? »
    « What’s your kik »

    Then, I also exclude anybody who is still married, who asks what my butt looks like, is a drug user or admits to heavy alcohol use, who comes across angry on their profile or in messages, who behaves obsessively or abusively (this has happened quite a few times immediately), who has a serious criminal record or doesn’t have a drivers license or car, or a steady place to live.

    This leaves a few regular guys. Some of them ghost after a couple days, or our schedules don’t match up and it makes meeting hard. The other few times the conversation has just fizzled. Sometimes if I haven’t responded back fast enough they just act like total asshats. Like literally in a matter of hours.

    I even take the initiative and send the first message if I am interested. Once I asked a guy out to dinner who seemed nice and he made a remark implying I was lining up dates for free meals. Ironically, I always pay for myself, or for both of us if I was the one to ask them out.

    I feel like I’m just looking for a nice normal person and it shouldn’t be so hard, but for some reason it is. The other thing is, it seems like a lot of men are so cynical or hardened to the process that they are rude or come across as assholes. I cant tell you how many mens profiles say « I’m so tired of this, I’m giving this site one last chance! Do you women even know what you want? »

  5. Unicorns that make $100,000+ per year, muscular, big dick, have their shit together, no kids from previous relationships, and are willing to date fat single mothers with 3+ kids that look like a sack of potatoes.


  6. Hey, ladies, fuck off with the downvotes just because you read about yourselves. I see the same moldy old profile pictures year after year. Using the POF desktop, not the app, it’s easy to see how old your profileis from the profile ID number at the top. Currently numbers in the 250 Million are being assigned. 10 years ago, it was 30 Million, 13 years ago, 10 Million. I see profiles in the 300,000 range, one of the ancient ones from when the site went live. We are not the problem. YOU are. You are unlikeable, undateable, bad personality, and you SUCK at sex.
    Yeah, us guys like sex. If sex with you was great, don’t you think we would be back for more? But you’re terrible at it. It’s like fucking a dead jellyfish on the beach. Dead. Limp. Lifeless. No passion. Some of you don’t even know how to fucking kiss. No wonder you got dumped by your frustrated ex husband. You’re all losers.

  7. It’s gotten beyond ridiculous. I see the same profiles with the same people on all the popular apps and they all bitch about how hard it is to find a great guy. Yet when decent people reach out to them with a nice, classy, message just wanting to get to know them, they either ignore or block them. These same people wouldn’t act this way in a real world social setting. Is it too much to ask for simple message saying you’re not interested? Some of us can handle rejection quite well. Do better ladies.

  8. I wonder this all the time!!!!! Are there that many more guys? And what about the same women that have been there for years and have had the same profile picture all of those years! Are they still dating men or just hanging on the site? I get it their picky. But their « Settling » for something that doesn’t exist! They are getting too old and less attractive also.

    I have always dated the average to less than average women. They seem to good for me! ha ha. That being said in my area i do not see many above average or « HOT » women on there anymore! I don’t see many average women anymore either.

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