POF : I’ve finally deleted my account. Here’s why.

POF : I’ve finally deleted my account. Here’s why.

After months of thinking I’ve done something wrong, it turns out that most women on POF are liars in general.

I ended up reading a specific profile that drew my interest and got the POF mobile app all in one day. So here’s what happened:

One of these profiles started off nice. And then it got to the last paragraph where she started saying how men aren’t upfront with her. And that’s where I finally just thought about how half of her profile is listed as « Prefer Not to Say » and thought that was hypocritical of her.

Then I end up getting the mobile app. It turns out there’s a spot where it shows other users who also have the mobile app and tells you how far away they truly are based on the actual location of their mobile phone. Very few of the women who list themselves as residing in my city actually live here and some live as far as 50+ miles away.

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  1. As much as I can understand the frustration, internet users have never been on the truthful side, ever.

    Social media users lie about how great their life is in postings, when in actually they’re in debt and barely make it living under the same roof.

    Online dating can be a struggle with most people, you’re dealing with a lot that have low self esteem or a long list of other issues. As we get older we get set in our ways and introducing someone new into our lives can be frustrating and a struggle, even people just as friends.

    Today a lot of people rely on technology to do things for them, from dating too turning the lights off in their own home.

    While your account is deleted or hidden, get out in your area, volunteer in events, people use to meet that way and it still works today.

    Rule #13 with online dating, as quick as you connect with someone it’ll fade away just as fast.

  2. >Very few of the women live in my city…. as far as 50+ miles away.

    Here’s my take on that aspect of it.

    I live in the eastern suburbs of a large metropolitan area. Sooooo many times, I see women list their city as this large city. When I message them and ask where they live, way more often than not, they too live in the suburbs. Most times on the *west* side, which puts them about an hour away from me. It’s infuriating!!! Why not put your *actual* city in your profile?!?!?

    I think it’s one of 2 things:

    1) A lot of women are afraid of men in the on-line dating world, and don’t want to reveal too much info to *everyone* who sees their profile. It’s a safety/privacy thing.

    2) Women’s directional and dimensional thinking capacity isn’t the same as guys. They’re oblivious to the fact that 20 minutes west of the large city *isn’t* the large city. They’re not *trying* to be deceptive, they just don’t know any better.

    My two cents anyway.

  3. When I read something in a profile that turns me off I just go on to the next profile. I don’t give that person another thought. You should try that.

  4. Ive deleted it a few times for how many women say « say more then just hi or hey » and then send that. Or how many women list their profession as « stay at home mom » with 2+ kids or some variation while insisting that I need to treat them right, have a full time job, my own place, and all of my stuff together. Like what do you bring to the table that you can make such demands?

  5. I’ve finally deleted my profile just these past 20 minutes ago. I’ve never been good with courting women in real life, and even worse so online. Women that don’t reply, and that one woman that blocked me because I wasn’t what she was looking for (I never said anything to antagonize her), and women that just drop conversations.
    The only time it worked for me was back in 2013, where confronting her about her racial preference was what initiated my relationship with her (my now ex-fiancee). Before and after her, no dice.
    Despite the fact that one of my best friends tried to help me recompose my profile, the despair was too great that I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I am not attractive and I don’t have a lot going for me.

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