POF : Kik Cam Girls

POF : Kik Cam Girls

Every few days I’ll get a match, and in their profile it will say to “add me on kik”. We talk for a bit, then reveal themselves to be a cam model and ask you to sign up to their site, which requires card details.

I’m just curious if anyone has ever joined the site and whether or not it’s legit, since I’m 99.9% sure it’s a scam. Thoughts?

By. EliteGough1998

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  1. I’ve never tried it. They ask for phone number sometimes too, not always Kik.
    I was in contact with one trying to get me for a while and eventually she stopped replying to messages.
    Eventually I found her again and she sent a different phone number.
    Probably has another new one now , it’s been long enough…
    Edit: I’m sure it’s a scam, the site shows as being unsecure. There should be a triangle with an exclamation point (chrome) or something similar (others) on the left side of the address bar, just before the http…click that and you’ll see it’s not secure for finances

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