POF : Ladies on POF can be confusing….

POF : Ladies on POF can be confusing….

I have seen countless POF profiles where ladies will be dressed proactively (wearing hardly anything in their pictures), happily showing their tongue piercing, will have « wants to date but nothing serious », but when you make it to « About Me » they say « Not here looking for sex ». I mean, neither am I, at least not in the interim, but I could see how many would be confused by that. I’m not saying that they have should be harassed or anything, and of course I am all for women’s autonomy over their body, but you likely won’t find what you are looking for presenting yourself that way online. This is not me approaching you in a grocery store after leaving yoga. This is you literally curating your pictures and profile to present a certain image of yourself. Oh well…. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

By. NexusFantismo

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  1. What the thot is trying to say is; she doesn’t want sex with you. Those disclaimers are there to scare off beta men. If you’re a Chad you’ll still be fucking.

    Christ, I’m not a Chad and the last two hookups (that contacted me first, mind you…) were women that had that they weren’t looking for hookups in their profile. Shit tests and mind games, man. Stop thinking of women like real people; they’re not.

  2. Sometimes the message is mixed on purpose, they are not interested in only sex, or fast sex, but are not sexless.

    Everyone’s nuance will be different. No set rules. It’s a puzzle, like in real life.

    You will probably find you yourself, will redefine where you want to go as you go along.

  3. Whatever happened to dating…just clean fun dating and getting to know people. It seems to be sex or serious relationship. I sound like my mom now!

  4. You sure those aren’t bots? All the profiles I see like that are obvious bots (same username format, only one picture, short description).

  5. They don’t know or they put little thought into it. They had those pics, they posted them. Same goes for snapchat filters that make people look like cartoon animals, they just had the pics and since they get positive feedback, why change? The latter can be an issue though as often I can’t tell what they actually look like so I pass.
    Men certainly have their issues too but we are on subject of women’s profiles. Many are just advertising for the wrong thing.

  6. Standard practice with online dating at this point, 4 pictures posted, 3 pictures with cleavage up and center of each picture.

    Every person wants sex, you just can’t be a cave man about it.

  7. Lady here. Let me explain. We have the ability to dress however we want, and still not be looking for sex. We have the ability to say we are not looking for anything serious and still not be looking for sex. We also may say we are not looking to just hook up and then in fact connect with someone and hookup. Men have these abilities and choice as well. With women, in my case at least, I have to trust you or at least have some kind of connection before I can be intimate with someone. That’s just the way I see it tho.

  8. Some women just want to date and not have sex, I don’t get how you are finding that confusing. It is totally ok to date without the intentions of having sex. They most likely mean they want to see what is out there before taking the actual plunge into a relationship. I went on a date with a guy who put wants to date but nothing serious, and we ended up lasting about 2yrs

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