POF : Latest trend & POF’s own fake profiles

POF : Latest trend & POF’s own fake profiles

We all know that POF is shit & that they don’t give a shit, but at the same time they’re following their own Terms of Service. From their TOS:

“you grant to POF a worldwide, perpetual, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free right and license to host, store, use, copy, display, reproduce, adapt, edit, publish, translate, modify, and distribute Your Content”

They’re free to create all the fake profiles they want, since they can repackage POF profiles—likely just in another country.

The latest obvious fakes by POF have the usual look & smell of fake profiles, but their location is “local area,” they’re upgraded users, only accept messages from upgraded (i.e. paying) members, and never message after becoming a mutual match. It’s so obvious it’s funny.

I also laugh that the moment I log off I get a dozen likes, messages, meet me’s, and views—of course from fake profiles.

They don’t give a shit, nobody can/will stop them, and they’re making money. We all know it’s true, it’s just frustrating when assholes get away w/ shit.

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  1. I’ve noticed a trend lately with several POF users in my area that are somewhat attractive women (but not obvious fake/supermodels) with well written profiles. When I go to send a message, I get the « This user only accepts messages from upgraded members!’

    I cannot think of a single reason that any actual, real user of POF would turn that setting on and only want to receive messages from paid members on a free dating site. So I’m starting to think that POF is either creating these profiles or turning this setting on for some of the more popular members without their knowledge, to try and nudge people into paying a membership.

  2. It was never like that though until they sold to match. Markus made a huge mistake in selling to match too. I found so many great guys on POF and now I stopped using it because it is all crappy ones

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