POF : Laughable Profiles.

POF : Laughable Profiles.

I’m not sure how these users trick people if any at all but the amount of fake profiles in the new users section is too funny.. like posting a photo of a woman almost naked or a photo of a woman in her bikini with a tag line of ‘You wanna meet me???? » isn’t gonna fool anyone haha.


Even get at lest 10 users a day wanting to ‘meet me’ even tho they’ve never viewed my profile. Or I get a message from these with the typical « Hey there 🙂 » or « Hey babe » anything you type after that will have them send you a message with a link wanting to fork.


I feel as these are just a bots making these fake accounts but who ever is on the starting point of that bot should know these don’t work… lol.


Also these fake profiles tend to come and go, like if you see someone likes you, give it 5 to 10 minutes and boom they no longer have an account.


Some Tips I follow while on POF

1. Look at their profession: most times fakes just have the word ‘Job’ filled in.
2. Photo of Exposed woman such as sexual bikini, photos looks like it’s from a porn site: Tell you the truth most real girls don’t share those types of photos.
3. Read the tag line: Some tag lines such as Meet me now, looking for me??, looking for some fun. or other off tag lines should be avoided.
4. Profile not filled out: Most times than not a unfilled profile with just a few dots or just a hi in each section is a red flag.
5. Look at the summary of themselves: Does the sentence make any sense? Does the sentence just cut off? Or does the sentences have random question marks after every completed sentence? Red flag.
6. If you talk to a person and no matter what you say they continue to send you messages that has nothing to do with what you are talking about.


Hope this helps.

By. TheHiddenYouTuber

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  1. If the profile and bio is all « ……………. » with a super hot chick in the profile and 1 or 2 pics, its a fake.

    If they have a number in their profile, its probably a fake or an escort…. »TEXT ME ThreeOne0-SevnSevn3-FiveFive1″

    If they message you first and say « Hey there ». Most likely a fake because their next reply to you will be them telling to call or text.

    The app is going to shit

  2. Yeah I’m trying to play by these rules. It’s going nowhere not messaging guys I’m actually interested in. This is like my regular lifestyle irl. If that was working why would I be online?

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