POF : Let’s share our pof search results in brief!

POF : Let’s share our pof search results in brief!

For me in my local area its around 200 women in any week who were recently online.


I would say 100 of them are off the bat not compatible, 75 of the remaining 100 I avoid messaging because I have messaged them before and every time I do again my account gets banned, from the 25 left I have 3 that are talking to me at the moment and one of them has gone a bit silent after I asked her out to lunch, the other 2 are on and off sporadically week to week.


Pickings are slim, very very slim, needs a good purge of all the toxic haters and some fresh faces.

By. Serveradman

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  1. I started chatting with a guy yesterday, and we’ve been messaging each other on POF since. I don’t think it’s fizzling at all, and he seems really nice not just throwing his number at me. I plan on asking for his number tomorrow 🙂

  2. Well after exchanging over 100+ messages with a guy during the span of two days I finally asked him if he wanted my number and he said “yes”, so I gave him my number. Now I’m just waiting for him to decide to text me. I did ask him to video chat with me yesterday when he has a chance and he said he will. I shall see how this goes.

  3. Well I gave my number to the guy, and just as predicated he seemed to be texting me less and less. I just decided to not continue getting to know him. I think some people just love messaging people and not put any real effort into getting to know them in real life *sigh* thankfully, i only chatting with him for 2 days before asking for his number, so I can see if we would be a good fit.

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