POF : …like to receive longer messages…

POF : …like to receive longer messages…

Do you even bother when this message comes up?

By. Citko76

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  1. I get this message occasionally, and I usually just pass the person by.

    My profile is over 1000 words and explains what I’m looking for, and want, in detail. This was done purposely so that I wouldn’t have to write a book for every person I contact.

    It’s very easy for me to lose patience with people on POF. They often have long lists of wants, most of which I can’t provide. I’m not looking for a princess.

  2. I have it set so that minimum message length is 50 characters because I was sick of getting « hey sexy » or « hey babe »

    That’s a very small character limit. All you’ have to say to cover it is « hi, I read your profile and we have some things in common. Would you like to chat? » That’s 81 characters and very little effort.

  3. I had mine set so that I got 50 or more characters in a message. Yeah I did because I was tried of getting just Hi or hey there. I wanted to make sure guys actually read my profile

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