POF : Link to Ashley Madison? Seriously?

POF : Link to Ashley Madison? Seriously?

I was setting up an account with POF when it was deleted. It took me a while to figure out what happened: they don’t allow married people to create profiles. On their website, they have a page stating this policy, followed by the instructions to « go here instead, » which turned out to be a link to Ashley Madison.

That really cooked my goose. I have absolutely no tolerance for cheating or having affairs. My wife and I are ethically monogamish. She has a Tinder profile; I prefer the structure of apps like POF to Tinder. She’s perfectly aware that I was creating this account.

I am mildly disappointed that I can’t use POF, and I find that rule absurd. But I’m angry about the way their documentation addresses the issue. For a service as large and prominent as this one, it’s pathetic that they maintain such a narrow view of the ways people build relationships.

The page:

By. mean11while

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  1. So go to a different site, retard

    Btw. it’s not about you. its so others can’t find kinky creeps like you when looking for a normal partner

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