POF : Listen ladies…I know you don’t want to get stalked, but…

POF : Listen ladies…I know you don’t want to get stalked, but…

…if you just put « SOMEWHERE » as your location in your profile…how the hell am I supposed to know whether you’re geographically close enough to make it worth messaging you? I always see girls complain in their profiles about getting messages from guys who live 100 miles away. Well then if you don’t want that, we need kind of a general idea where you are!

By. Highlander_77

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  1. I’m gonna add to this. Ladies, if you don’t want to get stalked, don’t make your POF user name the same as your IG account name, which is tied to your Facebook, which has your real name on it, your family members, pictures of you and all your friends… It’s not rocket science.

  2. Its exasperating that they don’t think about this before doing it.


    So, they put « somewhere » as their location, are they relying on the possibility that the guy they are talking to is going to be compatible AND be nearby, out of all the people in the country that could possibly message her?, is that the plan?

  3. As a woman and human… Agreed.

    Also, you couldn’t possibly be so interesting that your profession is « Ask Me »…

    I don’t want to get roped into some MLM bullshit.

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