POF : Looking for help with 2 things.

POF : Looking for help with 2 things.

New to online dating[M33] so curious how to best attract someone’s attention. I do try to make a comment about something in their picture or profile, odd time I’ll get a single responce then it’s done.
2nd I’m not an attractive gem so i get make up for it hype being polite and a gentleman. Also bumble is a complete loss for me because of that I presume. I’m banned from tinder as I deleted my account deleted 2 years ago, they say I violated their terms…

By. fallen75

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  1. On Pof you’re gonna need to send a lot of messages. Don’t lower your standards but your odds are small of even getting noticed, much less responded to.

  2. Comment on 1 thing in her bio if she provides one! I provide a gold mine (thanks reddit!!!!) so when I’m hit with hi and hey you get ignored. Follow r/tinder and follow their rules: 1 Be attractive 2 Don’t be unattractive (not just looks!) ALSO, guys aren’t the only ones who follow the rules and go without reply: it’s a numbers game! Good luck, Chief!

  3. Get used to never hearing from women. And it’s absolutely not personal. There are 10 guys for every 1 woman, so they can be picky

  4. I used to look at profiles and bring up an interest on the girl’s profile but then the chances are small they will even read it are pretty small, unless you’re like a model. Chicks get spammed so bad on dating apps/sites. I started to just say hi to a bunch of 6+’s and play the numbers game. Well that was when I got on it. I just got on for the first time in forever and first 10 profiles I looked at were obvious fakes with broken English.

  5. > New to online dating[M33] so curious how to best attract someone’s attention.

    It is one of the easiest things you can do.

    Just find someones profile who you are not interested in and then list the things that they could say in an opening email to get you to change your mind.

    When you come to the conclusion that there is nothing that they could say then you will have your answer that, it is 100% out of your control, so keep it simple, topical and go from there.

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