POF : Messaging someone, and seeing that they viewed your profile…

POF : Messaging someone, and seeing that they viewed your profile…

.. And they don’t reply, is like saying Hi to someone, face to face, and they only meet you with a blank stare.

By. kurtn0tk1rk

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  1. I have my profile set up so that people will not know I viewed them. Sometimes people don’t respond to a message because they take a look at the profile and the message and just don’t think they are on the same page. I also don’t respond to an initial message if I feel we are not on the same page or they are just too far from me, all because any time I have responded politely to a guy saying sorry you are too far, or we are not wanting the same things, I would get a nasty response. Yesterday I was on POF and I got busy so I got off. I got 3 messages from one guy ranging from hey there,, hi how are you?, Wow you are really rude. I finally responded and say I was busy and didn’t realize I even had messages as my phone is on silent. Sorry but I am not interested in guys who assume I am rude all because I didn’t respond right away

  2. I made the mistake once of paying for POF. I saw a lot of messages I was sending just flat out said deleted vs others saying Read/Deleted. Do these women really just dismiss you before reading what you have to say or even viewing your profile?

  3. That’s just how the internet is.

    When it happens to me, I just wonder what exactly she didn’t like about me. I’ll never know.

  4. They read your resume and there were more qualified candidates. Sometimes they will reach out when these people dont pan out for whatever reasons.

    I’m sure we have all got the message from someone days or a week later of someone who is always online.

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