POF : Met a girl on POF who was way bigger than her pics implied

POF : Met a girl on POF who was way bigger than her pics implied

So, I talked to this on POF who had 2 pics on her profile. One headshot and another full body. Now, the full body one showed that she might be a little « thick » but nothing that was outta of my liking or comfort zone. But both the pics were nice in my opinion.

So we started talking on the app for a while, probably a day or two, until we eventually decided to go on a lunch date.


I said I was going go pick her up later that evening.

So far, so good… Until I actuall got there….

When I pulled up, well, let’s just say that she looked like she could eat for both of us and still have room left.

We still sat in front of her house and talked tho and later hugged and left. She wanted me to text her when I got back home but that wasn’t happening. In fact, she had to text me to see how I was.

Side note, my car literally was breaking down on my way to see her so thats why we didn’t go out, not because of weight. But I will see it just added more to the disppoint when I finally made it over there.

Why do girls do that? Lie about there weight?

By. Biru96

What do you think?


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  1. I am a fit reasonably attractive woman. I have current clear photos on POF. With very few exceptions, in my « meet and greet » dates the man was very surprised that I looked like my picture. Invariably they look nothing like their pics. I have gotten into the habit of asking if the pictures are current. The answer is always the same. The pics are a few years old but I look the same, just a few years older. Not once has a guy come up with a current photo even after I ask. Do they think I am not going to notice? If you lie to me at « hello » there is no chance. It’s very frustrating. I had one man tell me that I was not lonely enough for POF. Perhaps he was right.

  2. Most people will try to present themselves in a favourable light, which means using attractive photos. So if the user happened to be attractive 15 years ago, brace yourself: You’ll be getting a picture taken over a decade ago.

    Personally, I find it dishonest, and I wish PoF had an option to report such users for being fraudulent or something.

  3. Seriously though. I think 90% of the fat women lie about their weight. No you are not curvy, no you are not « a few pounds extra, you are obese. You are fat and lying about it will not help you Mrs. Piggy

  4. There’s definitely a culture of overweight women these days. I see a lot more overweight women than men around, yet even the fat ugly fucks can get more male attention than a decent looking in-shape man.

    I don’t know how this culture developed in the West. Did this sort of thing occur 30-40 years ago?

  5. I’m overweight, I never lied about it but I am what you would call photogenic and I know how to dress and carry myself in such a way that it’s not obvious. I figure that’s why I got ghosted after a few first dates but they weren’t honest about themselves. I love curvy women but curvy is a plural word and these women just a curve… ie round.

  6. Because theres enough guys thirsty enough to overlook it to make the ones who wont overlook it seem outside the norm. I with you buddy. But thats why they think they will get away with it.

  7. Guys lie about themselves as well especially on POF. I know girls can do it and as a girl I never lied about myself I was always honest about who I was. I also have recent clear photos of myself.


    I actually back in 2012 went on a date with a guy off POF. He seemed great and the conversation was enough to meet up in person. So I got all the way into the city to meet him at a Chinese restaurant/bar. As I am waiting outside for him, I see this wicked tall guy who looks heavy set and is looking around and has glasses on. I don’t think anything of it as I continue to wait for him to arrive. 5min later the guy walks over to me and says my name in the form of a question. I said yes that is me, and he said its so n so. Turns out he was my date and he looked NOTHING like his photos. You can bet your ass I was pissed. Not only did he not look like his photos he was much older and taller than in the photos. So I find out that the photos he used were about 7yrs old. He kept pestering me to continue the night with him after dinner, and I finally was just so aggravated that he lied to me completely lied to me, that I said I need to go. I went home and never spoke to him again. I owed him nothing considering he lied to me. I kid you not a year later I get a message on POF and it’s him using the same fucking photos. He sends a message saying hey how are you my name is blank and I was wondering if you would like to talk and get to know each other. I flipped out on him and told him he knew full well we met a year ago and he was nothing like he said he was, and how I felt it was rotten he was still using the same fucking photos. Called him a catfish and said I reported your profile. He never responded and the next day he was banned. I was glad

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