POF : Minimum age search change?

POF : Minimum age search change?

So im not sure if its just me but ive noticed I cannot search for women over 7 years young than me. So for example if im 30 I cant search under 23. But I can search women who 44 years at that range. So I can go up 14 but I cant go down to 18 which is a legal adult? This is on PC. While if I go on the mobile app my minimum is 21 now while my max is still 43

Did they change this?

By. TheSinisterScotsman

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What do you think?

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  1. It’s weird they completely took away the online now search too I don’t know what’s going on now half the girls aren’t there anymore are you having this issue?

  2. Yes. It was changed in 2013. Back then Markus (the previous owner of POF) said « if you are are looking for women the youngest you can search for is your age -14 this rule is only in effect if you search for women under 35. Women 18 to 21 can only be contacted by men under 30 » He answered a lot of questions in the POF forums when the changes first went into effect.

  3. I’m 33 and regularly search from 18-35. But for some reason POF always switches the age range to 22-35. I have however seen some 18/19 year olds on the site but most have an age restriction.

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