POF : Missing the point

POF : Missing the point

Long story short… we started talking yesterday and he doesn’t want me to talk to multiple people online. He wants me to put his “mind at ease.”


Here is his reply:
I messaged someone else this same thing who is 38 my age and they chose talking to me. Its your age sweety not me. Your still a little yo immature for what I’m looking for but than you for your interest
Jun 10 3:48PM

What a creep?

Update 3:

I wish I could block on mobile!!! This guy is pretty amusing. Keep in mind I’m 28 and he is 38.


By. K1gC

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  1. Nothing to do with age or maturity. He is just the jealous and obsessive type. Not a good type for most women (if not all). You dodged a bullet.

    EDIT: I mean possessive, not obsessive.

  2. i went on 3 dates with this guy and actually liked him well enough but still wanted to continue to get to know him. he kept asking questions in a way that it was clear he wanted to figure out if i was talking to other people. if i said i was hanging out with a friend, he would be like, « how long have you known them? do you hang out a lot with them? » normally this would be innocuous but just the way he was constantly trying to figure out the sex of the person i was hanging with was obnoxious. finally he told me he needs to know if im dating other people because he is a one-woman dude. i told him, like you told your fella, that online dating maybe wasn’t for him then, and that i am just trying to make sure we are compatible, and that im not looking to jump into anything serious so fast. bullet dodged, i guess. im not trying to define the relationship after a few dates.

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