POF : My most likely prospects

POF : My most likely prospects





Also my most likely to respond. Note the dog. [](

By. marioshroomed

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  1. I got decent prospects when I was on it. I can always tell if I have had conversations with the guy before just by the profile pictures, and some of them had the same pictures they had 4yrs ago. I met a good number of guys off there and most of them never amounted to anything after just a first date of drinks and dinner nothing else. Some we went out for a few months but nothing panned out, and 2 we lasted a long time but it just didn’t work out.

    One of the guys I agreed to meet up with, ended up looking nothing like his photos when I got all the way there. I was waiting and waiting and finally he came up to me and I was shocked because he didn’t look at all like his photos. He apologized and said they were from 5yrs ago, but that was impossible because it was clear they were not his photos. He tried to get me to go to a club with him after dinner but I just wanted to get out there because I was lied to and not happy about that. A year later I got a message from him saying « hey I read the profile and we seem like a great match let me know if you wanna chat more. » He was acting like he never met me before in the hopes that I would not remember but I did. I called him out on his fake photos and his lies and told him if he messaged me again I would report him to POF for using photos that were not of him. He deleted the profile and I never heard from him again.

    Now before people come back me and get all pissed at me, the reason why I ended the date and didn’t go out with him again had nothing to do with looks, I am not one that only goes for looks. I ended it because he completely lied to me for 2 weeks about who he really was. The guy in the photos he showed me was a lot shorter than the guy that showed up to the date, so that was clear it was not him in the photos. I have the right to be upset about that because that is catfishing and its not ok. If you are that unhappy with how you look to where you need to use wicked old photos of yourself or photos that are not of you on a dating site, then you shouldn’t be on a dating site until you are happy with yourself and how you look.

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