POF : Nearly 100 « wants to meet you » notifications in an hour. Last straw. I’m out.

POF : Nearly 100 « wants to meet you » notifications in an hour. Last straw. I’m out.

I’ve been on and off POF since 2010 and have met so many great people over the years. But, today, I deleted my POF account.

A majority of the women in my search area are either: fake, morbidly obese with 5 kids, or prostitutes. For the last week I’ve been messaging with two people. One that’s an obvious catfish from another country, who’s « out of town » for a few weeks, barely speaks English despite saying she was born in my city. I asked her if we could talk on the phone and her reply was « I’m sorry but the mouthpiece on my cellular telephone is broken. » Sorry, no American talks like that. The second person is actually really great, and we exchanged numbers last night.

But what really pushed me over the edge was last night while I was trying to sleep. Right before going to bed I received a message from an obvious spam account « Hi there 🙂  » which means I showed online on the site. Over the next hour I received 96 notifications « (SPAM_113384733) Wants to meet you! » Ninety Six. NINETY SIX.

Match Group needs to either put some work into POF and make it somehow profitable to them, and in turn better for us, or just pull the plug and kill the site/app for good.

Goodbye POF. We had a good run but you’ve changed. It’s definitely you, not me.

By. Well_Sorted8173

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  1. I run an auto refresh script over night to keep me always online. I see hundreds of these when I do. During the day time, it’s quiet, but at night the bots really pick up. I’m not sure if it has to do with the country they are coming from or if they are just fishing for lonely drunks in the wee hours.

  2. Do people actually use the Meet Me function on there? It’s swiping like Tinder and Bumble but to actually see the profile of who wants to meet, you have to be upgraded, which 99% of the people on there are not. So I don’t see why people would ever really use this function.

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