POF : Need the help of someone who’s paid to be upgraded on PoF

POF : Need the help of someone who’s paid to be upgraded on PoF

So basically a good friend of mine has been going out with this guy for a few months now…
then today, I’m on there just having a look and see his profile but I can’t see when he was last online.

I was hoping someone could check for me?
It’s her birthday this weekend and I don’t know if/how I should say anything to her 😓

By. Sarah31324

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  1. POF tells you the last time someone had been online when you do a search. Just go to search and search things that describe them, say the guy is 28 and from Texas and is a Leo. You can search male 28 Dallas Texas Leo

  2. Or, you know…you could just ask him. All this international spy shit. Can’t trust someone then GTFO. People are free to do what they want to do. Dude wants to look for a side piece? All it will do is make your friend want to up her game if the dude is worth keeping. No one owns anyone else.

    ETA: their relationship isn’t really your business, work on yourself.

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