POF : New POF site design is THE WORST VERSION EVER…

POF : New POF site design is THE WORST VERSION EVER…

The new site takes forever to load, all formerly free features are now paid only ‘upgrade now’ options, message sending is limited, endless promos to buy stuff no one needs to pay for. Jumped ship an hour after getting a membership.


By. hikikomori-life

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  1. I’m glad I met my partner when I did. I saw the new version when my one friend was browsing holy crap it was bad. I liked the older version myself honestly.

    Best of luck to you on there even now.

  2. I actually quite like the new design, what was free but is now paid? I know you could sneakily see new members on the web even though it was a paid feature on the app – must have been a little web glitch that they’ve now fixed. What else though?

  3. The video hoes are the worst. The live streamers with thousands of followers/viewers ranked. They have chat battles and competitions where « fans » can give fake gifts with real money. No one’s on here to find anyone. They are Legit playing games.

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