POF : New to this app – is a paid account useful?

POF : New to this app – is a paid account useful?

I’m new to this app. I’ve heard great things about it. Hoping to get some help from all you experts!

It seems that the platform is VERY hard to use without a paid account.. All I’m able to do is message people nearby or who fit my search parameters (yet are people significantly farther away)

The ‘matches’ feature is really cool, I have ’13 people under the ‘they said yes’ category, although i’m unable to message them without a paid account…

aswell, on the main screen at the top left (alarm) there’s a number of people that ‘want to meet you’ but i’m unable to message them without a paid account..

Please advise
Am I doing something wrong?
Should I get a paid account?
What’s the most efficient way of meeting people here?

By. forsaken3400

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  1. No. It’s mostly just fake accounts. You’re better off just messaging local profiles that look real. You can tell they’re real if they have multiple pictures and well written description. Fake profiles usually only have one picture, weird spelling and descriptions that sound retarded.

    That Meet Me crap is 95% bots trying to bait you into getting premium. The site is filled with bots trying to steal your info by signing up on their malware websites. Some Mutual Meet accounts are real but most are just bots.

  2. As a free user I’ve seen enough to know POF is not worth paying for. Basic functionality of seeing profiles and sending/receiving messages is there without paying.

  3. While most of those « Wants to meet you » are spam profiles, there’s a trick you can use to view their profiles without paying for an account.

    POF used to have a username search in the advanced search area on the website, but they removed it. However, if you use a web browser and are logged out of POF, you can go directly to the username search page. (Of course, until POF figures this out and completely removes the page from existence.) Just Google « POF Username Search » and you’ll find the URL to it.

    Open up your app and tap the alarm bell icon in the top left corner. Note the username of the person that wants to « meet you » and do a username search from the website (while logged out of POF on your browser.) You can view their profile, and 99% of the time realize it’s a spam account.

    Don’t give POF any money. At this point, they should be paying US to use their site.

    You’re welcome.

  4. I didn’t answer your question about the most efficient way of meeting people! Just set up your search parameters (age, location, etc.) and then use the search function and message people that you are interested in meeting. That’s what I do.

  5. The premium unlocks getting to view users who swiped yes to you and who added you as favorite.

    I ……suppose being able to view those lists would be a way to get leads on who you could message, but, it still does not make others able to find you if you yesed or faved them, so….. It still does not make the beat around the bush « poke » type behaviors useful really.

    I’m not sure what a « super yes » is supposed to do. Its not like giving the site money can influence how much real people are actually interested in you, or, make there be more available singles in your city.

    Free account can work, but, its down to messaging alone as a means of communicating interest. You have to stick your neck out and cold message those who you could be interested in and think you have a shot with.

    If you would rather be approached than do the approaching , its going to be to them cold messaging you. For that you need good pictures; as flattering shots as you can manage, but, not so sexy that they trip a scammer/creep alarm in other users.

    A thorough and well written « about me » section will help with good well lit flattering but not porn like pics.

    The other thing is: even if your passively waiting on hello messages, you should just log in real quick once a day and leave only because the sites default is to display by most recently logged in.

    If you go a week or more without a token log on your profile will get buried.

  6. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I have had a positive experience with pof. I don’t see the need to pay for an account since you can message people without paying. I have also used okcupid and match and find that pof is the easiest to use.

  7. Straight up, honest answer: no.

    I have the paid account. The nice things are you can see who has viewed your profile and you can see when your messages have been read and / or deleted. You can also filter by more variables. You can see who liked you. You can see when last someone was online.


    Those are the only real benefits. The people hidden by « Meet Me? » Yeah, they’re ALL bots. You may think, « Oh, he’s exaggerating, they’re ALL exaggerating, these are salty angry guys who are being hyperbolic. » No. It really is almost all bots, and not even high quality, believable bots! I don’t think I’ve seen an actual « meet me » that was a person. And why would you, when you can just straight message whomever you see and like?

    If you wanna pay just to check out out, go ahead and try, it’s not very expensive. But the default setting is auto-renew, so take a few minutes to research how to drill into the settings and change that!!!

    My paid membership is up next month. I’m not renewing.

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