POF : Nice guy texts

POF : Nice guy texts

Nice guy texts

By. Alaina525

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  1. Wow, I have had conversations turn this was as well with a guy before. It has actually happened to me a few times. One of the times the guy and I were having a fun conversation and he said let’s meet up tomorrow night. I was like ok where do you want to meet. I was assuming we would grab a drink or something. He says I will pick you up and we will go to my place and smoke and have fun. I politely told him I was not comfortable doing that since I never actually met him. He went from nice guy to douche bag in a matter of seconds calling me names. Same thing happened with another guy who did that, he started calling me names and saying my mother dresses me funny. The last guy wanted to meet up and I said we can go grab coffee or drink this week. He said no I wanna come to you and cuddle at your house. I was like um sorry I am not comfortable with that as I have not met you yet. He got all defense and assumed that I assumed he wanted to hook up. He had said he wanted to come over when everyone was asleep so they wouldn’t know. Then he started yelling at me. Another guy straight up demanded I UBER to his place. I got scared and just blocked them all.


    I know both guys and girls can act like that. I don’t get why they feel the need to though

  2. He implied that he already had plans. If you’re going for a business trip, don’t you usually arrange for hotel accommodations?

  3. Scary part is, someone will actually let him stay with them before meeting. My buddy did this with a girl he met on pof. Needless tp say, she didnt speak to him again and only needed a free place/food to stay while passing through. he’s lucky he didnt get robbed or worsr.

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