POF : no good matches

POF : no good matches

i live in Florida and i feel like there no matches in my area and im not being picky just always the same few people even on OKcupid there like no matches ether do i live in bad area or something? im just tired of there never beeing anyone to mesage or not good matches and its not me being picky

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. OKC and POF are now owned by match and all three of these sites will have the same people on all of them. I noticed when I was on all three I would see the same people on all of them and I live in a big city. I do not recommend match though as more than half of the people on there are not paying members.

  2. POF is not where you go for variety. I don’t fish there everyday like I used to. Tinder and Bumble are for everyday fishing (but they suck because they’re swipe apps). POF I’ll check once or twice a week for new faces. I also browse on there with a hidden profile because I’m embarrassed to be seen on there (I’ve used he site forever).

  3. Why not go out and do it IRL? Florida is full of very friendly ladies. Most of them are snow birds or vacationing and are looking to get into something. POF and OKC are joke. Get out there in the flesh!

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