POF : No profile pics

POF : No profile pics

Anyone else creeped out when people blatantly admit they don’t want to post/share a profile pic? One guy messaged me and his username seemed interesting. Only problem? His profile pic was an annoying cartoon pic and no pic of him in real life.

He had the generic “we share stuff in common!” Told him not interested because of the lack of the picture and people who don’t share even one picture tend to be hiding something. His excuse was “women only judge based on looks. I told him I’ll pass and it is many ways disrespectful since I have my filters set in a way to require a profile pic (people have shares pictures with me before).

I’m glad I am on may to getting off pof.

By. K1gC

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  1. Red flag for being married or their current hook up is still on POF just waiting for their picture to show up.

    If they don’t have a picture, most will provide one, but they’re usually hiding something or shady as hell.

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