POF : Not getting the results you’d hoped for with online dating? Let me help you.

POF : Not getting the results you’d hoped for with online dating? Let me help you.

Offering a new exciting service to assist those of you who are on dating sites but who are not having the kind of luck you’d hoped for. I will evaluate your online dating profiles (including the pictures you have uploaded) and will give constructive advice on how to improve each aspect of your profile. I will speak with you via email, live typed chat, or directly via Discord voice chats in 30 minute blocks to talk you through my advice, coach you on how to proceed, and to answer your questions. I also offer a secondary service which will give you guidance on how to proceed with new potential matches. This service is entirely personalised to you and your own circumstances, and my advice is tailored to suit your own goals and personality.

Pricing for services is as follows:

1. A full holistic profile review (offering bio rewording and photo analysis, with a 30 minute Discord chat to talk you through my advice) – $30 (secondary reviews at no extra cost)
2. A simple profile review (identifying key points in your profile which should be addressed and potential fixes, sent to you via email) – $15 (secondary reviews will come at $10 each)
3. Additional 30 minute Discord chats (to discuss my advice in greater depth, or for any ad-hoc issues you would like to discuss) – $7.50 per 30 minutes ($5 per 30 minutes if you have purchased a full holistic profile review previously)
4. Assistance with how to approach potential matches for the first time (a brief personalised guide on how best to present yourself when messaging someone new for the first time) – $10
5. Full assistance in communicating with a new match (advice on how to respond to messages, how to progress conversations, and how to secure a first date) – $5 per message

I take payment via Paypal, I am based in the UK so international fees may apply. My pricing is in US dollars for convenience, so if you would like to negotiate a price in GBP or Euros then please mention this in your first message to me. My service is fully confidential and clients who follow my advice have a very high success rate in getting the results they wanted. For all aspects of my services I will ensure you are given a thorough, personalised response, and that you are able to contact me even after your initial service period.

In your first message to me please let me know some basic details about yourself (age, gender, location, which dating sites you use, and what results you would like). I can advise on which aspects of my service would best suit your situation if you are not sure which you would like to purchase, or if there is something else you would like my help with which has not been covered by my standard pricing list then we can discuss an alternative arrangement. You can message me directly here on Reddit or via my Discord (username AHelpingHand#8552).

Hope to hear from you soon and get you back in the game!


**Edit: just some further clarification as I have been getting a lot of questions; I do NOT need access to your profiles to provide any of my services, I will need to see them (as they would look to potential matches, so only what is available to see publicly), but I am not going to be entering the profiles on your behalf at any stage. If you are concerned about my credentials or would like to see some evidence of my success, please drop me a message and I will take note of your username. I closed my previous venture over a year ago and kept no client information for privacy reasons so I am starting fresh at present and have no testimonials available, however I am happy to get back in touch with anyone looking for ‘proof of success’ once my business is back up and running smoothly with happy customers to provide any ‘evidence’ you require. I am also happy to provide a brief initial no-obligation assessment of your profiles for free to give you an idea of what I can offer. Thanks!**

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  1. I’m wondering if you are in the UK, do you have experience dating in the US? Dating in the US is different than in the UK and could be said about any other countries you wish you to advise on.

  2. I think it’s a good idea, it’s often difficult knowing what to write in a bio. Maybe you should offer a few sessions at a discounted rate in order to gain some reputation again.

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