POF : Not very smart girl

POF : Not very smart girl

When u look at profile and all the picture been shot at different bedroom its red flag isnt it lol they should think about that b4 post or not very smart or does lots bad drug it affect theyre brain loll

By. steveam766

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  1. How is this a red flag? I moved 4 times in 5 years so having pictures in all those bedrooms makes me not smart? I moved for different universities/colleges and jobs, maybe if there’s other red flags in the profile in addition to this I could maybe understand but just different bedrooms alone shouldn’t be an indicator of intelligence

  2. how do you know it’s their bedroom? You do realize that women have girlfriends in many cases right? and they do this ridiculously crazy thing called hanging out and in some cases having a girls night out. They might actually do outlandish things such as take a photo or selfie at said girls house too.

    of course the thought that a woman might venture anywhere besides her own house or prostitute herself out to everyone, is impossible in your world. Sad…. very very very very verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sad world you live in…..

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