POF : Number close

POF : Number close

I do not understand this online dating thing maybe I will go outside to start meeting girls. It seems no matter how long and good the conversation goes with a girl they always stop emailing when I dare mention the words call or text. I have tried asking for there number and giving mine out first but no matter if we have exchanged 3 or 13 messages they disappear after I try the number close. Is it that I am doing something wrong or is this a normal occurrence? Maybe they are just looking for a pen pal?

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  1. I don’t like to give out my number to someone I’ve never met. Try asking them out for coffee first and if the date goes well, then exchange numbers.

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POF : I have been looking at past peoples complaints and the majority seems to be men, so I wanted to entertain you with another perspective… I’d also like to point to the #bekindtoeveryone# and that I hadn’t opened the app in hours (which I dont feel like I should justify)

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