POF : Outright Prostitution and Bots Leave Me Running Out of Options

POF : Outright Prostitution and Bots Leave Me Running Out of Options

So I live in the country, not too many big cities around my area and even around here I’ve had nothing but people giving me rates about how much for how long or clicking links. I decided to see how far i could take it without actually doing the deed and the lady wanted me to send her half over paypal then get the rest afterwards in case i was a cop. I told her cops sometimes give money first as well to trap hookers. She immediately blocked me. Guessed i ruined her business.Is it that bad for everyone else on here? I cant even find someone to talk to thats not a bot or an escort. My options where i live are limited and not even the internet is helping expand my dating horizons. Im running out of places to turn and quite frankly, I would like to find at least someone before I turn 30. But oh well.

By. TheDarkOZ

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  1. I live in the South anyway. Most girls here are plus size no matter what they put in their bio. Also tried Tinder. Had a little success there actually but thats well has run dry.

  2. I was never in love with it cause from day one of signing up this happened. At this point its just a passtime to troll the bots and hookers

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