POF : Overwhelmed with likes! Confused.

POF : Overwhelmed with likes! Confused.

I (F46) have been on Tinder and Bumble for about 3 weeks now and things have started slowing down, lol. I’ve met a couple of cool guys but I would like to meet more, lol. So today I joined POF and the likes and convos are out of control. What is so different about this app? Also there are guys I have not seen before whereas you see the same guys on Tinder and Bumble. I’m kinda questioning the quality of these fish though. The other thing is most of them say they are widowed (looking at guys in their 40’s). Are they lying? Also there seems to be a huge abundance of hardcore Christian guys too. I’m wondering if this is just a sketchy app to meet people??

By. Shhhhsupersecretme

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  1. It is overrun with scammers and chat bots. There are some people there but you have to wade through the filth to find them. From what I have found random likes are either from MeetMe, chatbots/scammers getting you to message them or POF forcing chat between people(yes they still do that). I am just waiting till the end of the week to see if anyone messages me back I sent out last week, then I am canceling my premium account. I heard about Bumble.


    POF originally was about wholesome dating and relationships, so you will find a lot of Christian men and women(or the very least religious). Even the scammers appear to be religious.

  2. Pof is dumpster fire. In my experience most pf the people ive talked to have some sort lf mental health issue or control issue or become to attached after one meeting

  3. Must be easier for women… or I look like a foot. Been on 2 weeks, had 2 likes, 4 views and only 2 replies from the 6 messages I’ve sent… and those replies didn’t reply after I replied.

  4. I’m in my sixties and a legit widower. I thought that was a positive trait (no ex drama) and something a little unique. I didn’t realize that there are apparently an army of us on POF. Maybe one of my pics should be of my wife’s urn.

  5. Lots of scammers from India, China and other third world countries on POF. Would you actually talk to a guy that lists himself as single and never married, and in his 40’s-50’s? I’ve heard women question that as a red flag. Probably why a lot of guys list themselves as divorced/widowed.

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