POF : Partner in crime

POF : Partner in crime

When ladys on PoF say there looking for a partner in crime, why is it that whenever I suggest an armed robbery they chicken out?

By. big_fill21

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  1. So many men say they are looking for a partner in crime too…it sounds odd. Is it from a meme, movie or show, or is it from some lonely hearts advice column for men? And the fish photos.. I can see a guy posting a pic with his dog, but with his dead fish?

    I can’t imagine what women are posting..I’m sure they are just as weird.

  2. 95% of those comments are copy and wasted and when you bring it up they get upset. Because they completely forgot they copy and pasted it into their profile and some point and you forced them to remember it.

  3. The average bankrobber makes $700 a bank and goes to jail for 10 years.

    White collar criminals make millions and don’t go to jail.

    A lady has to have standards.

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