POF : Please have a clear photo of yourself

POF : Please have a clear photo of yourself

How hard is it for a guy to post a clear photo of himself and not a photo of just his chest or just his shirt, or something else. I have my profile set up so that I can only receive messages from guys with photos. Today I got a message from a guy who had a photo of his chest and no other photos. I politely explained I will only talk to guys who have a photo of what they really look like. I wished them luck in their search. They come back with im not a bad person please show me how.

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  1. Yeah I can say the same about all the women who have stupid « philosophical quotes » against a background picture of waves or clouds as their only profile picture too..

  2. There are those types online with pictures, if it’s abs or cleavage, they are hunting for a certain kind of person.

    Those types will arrive fast and disappear just as quick. I’ve come across a few that have bikini pictures, lots of cleavage pics, you have to treat them like you would in person, they’re a waste of time when it comes to being serious.

  3. Well it seems like this is just people in general, rather than guys, cos most girls’ pics are terrible too. They’re either stood with 6 mates, so you can’t even tell which one they are (without looking through all their pics and working out who is in all of them), or they’ve used 15 snapchat filters. I’m starting to think it’s natural for girls to have bleach white skin and whiskers. Even the unfiltered ones are usually of her standing in the bogs of a club, dressed to the fucking nines, I want to see what someone looks like on an average day, not with an inch of make-up and a little black dress.

    Edit: I saw your other reply btw, I’m not saying you don’t know girls do it too.

  4. Just in general, when I had multiple pics up I got HUNDREDS of spam messages from cam girls/site. When I took them down and put a generic team/athlete photo, they stopped. If you wanna talk and get to know me then I can snapchat you a pic, otherwise Ima dodge th POF headache

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