POF : Plenty of bots

POF : Plenty of bots

Plenty of bots

By. Unladenswallow0

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  1. I just can’t believe that a dating app as big as POF can’t do anything about these bots. They’ve been on here a couple weeks now and it’s just getting worse.

    Unless… It’s tied in with the app itself. Maybe POF is making money off of this almost like paid advertising. As far as I know, from different threads and comments I’ve read, the women don’t seem to be getting hit with this trash. I’ve also noticed that my interaction with the app seems to directly coincide with how much the bots interact with me.

    Even besides the bots, I still believe there are a huge number of fake accounts on this app… I think they are used as fillers to make the place look busier than it actually is.

    This app used to actually be pretty good years ago, but it’s in the shithole right now.

  2. It’s extremely annoying. However most happen in the middle of the night (which means they’re probably coming from a foreign country) and from my experience POF is fairly good in getting rid of them in a timely manner.

  3. Get this in Minnesota too and POF took the spot of craiglist with this trash. Congress created this problem designing legislation going after online prositution

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