POF : plenty of fish is garbage site with nothing but fake profiles

POF : plenty of fish is garbage site with nothing but fake profiles

plenty of fish is a garbage site sorry not sorry to say. I try to search for people in my area and half the profile if not more are just fake profiles or fake like click on my fake porn profile blah blah ones. Its annoying im trying to search for people to talk to not see a bunch of fake profiles. i emailed them about it and all they said is were trying to take care of it and we remove them when we see them. that bull crap there to many of these fake profiles to know there not taking care of them. they even told me to report the profiles and ive reporte a few of them before but that doesnt do crap ether. I am getting sick of this site and if they dont fix this crap i am gonna leave. its easy to not have all these fake profiles especially all nasty porn ones. okcupid doesnt have any fake nudity porn profiles so why cant POF not have them?

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. It is absolute garbage right now. I’ve never seen it infested this bad. I don’t understand how the company can just allow this site to be overrun like this.

  2. I’m really happy to see someone else mention this issue – I’m not in the boat of « NOTHING but fake profiles » – but I definitely see more than I’d like to.

    I’ve only been on for a week but I’ve already received a lot of interest from women who look just like Porn Stars – and by that I mean literally someone just grabbed a couple of porn star images off the net.

    I’m no genius but I’m fairly confident Lexi Belle isn’t struggling so hard for attention that she’s putting a shitty profile up on POF, uploading a couple of pics, and reaching out to 40 year old fathers of 2.

  3. Here’s what happened: Craigslist got shut down with their « Personals » and all of that crap came to POF….

    Never seen so many of those website profiles..its killing POF that I have been on it in like month.

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